What does Trump Know: or I just don’t know

First of:  I don’t know!
I don’t know that Trump, or any of sycophants, campaign critters, or appointees colluded with Russia, or anyone else for that matter.

BUT! It doesn’t look good does it?  I mean, maybe there was no direct statement to any Russian agents to tune of “Help [him or me] win the election and you’ll get special favors in the form policy”.  

But, if one just looks at collection of people who have monetary ties to Russian funny money (Alta Bank, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Cyprus, Russian oligarch buying Trump property at highly inflated prices only to tear the building down later , mega-business deals (read: Tillerson wanting sanctions gone to open up ExxonMobil’s interest in Russian fossil fuels industry), or some other connection (Flynn, Manafort, etc) the picture gets more and more questionable each day.

Personally, I think it’s all about money, and tge emolument cause is where we will find the crimes and this where investigation should be focused.

Additionally, Nunes needs to remove himself from investigatory process as he was part of Trump’s transition team and obviously has a vested interest in protecting anything that went down within that group.

Something definitely is “rotten in the state of Denmark” to quote Shakespeare.

What do think?

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